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A little note: If you're an author and you came to this page because you thought I review books, then sorry for the misunderstanding :) This is where I post reviews for my books. I do sometimes review books, but usually only ones I buy myself.

On this page are some of the nice things people have said about my books.

"It's definitely a story that children will enjoy reading, especially if they like adventure, action and superheroes. The illustrations are colorful and they complement the plot and characters very well. The book is good for bedtime story telling and read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. The Horsecitty gang is adorable and will enthrall children with their adventures. The underlying message of teamwork is excellent for readers and they can apply it in their lives too. Books with a moral and message are good for children to read as it helps them understand the concept in a better way." -- Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite about Introducing Super Sporty (5 starred review).

"I enjoyed how the superheroes' lifestyles were described in detail, and thought that the characters that Sporty and Harley interacted with were colorful and fun. I also liked that both books contained morals about teamwork and the price for betraying a teammate; there was an emphasis on this trait, but it was not preachy. The book is illustrated by the author herself and they are as colorful and bright as the characters they portray. It is not a picture book, but the illustrations certainly add enough interest to keep children engaged. Introducing Super Sporty by Ellie Firestone is a great beginning to a wonderful series that children are sure to enjoy!" -- Charity Rowell-Stansbury, http://www.onmykindle.net/, about Introducing Super Sporty (5 starred review)

"This book is great fun! The concept of animal superheroes is very exciting, entertaining and enjoyable! The illustrations are good to look at and they will make kids giggle. The story progresses fast and it has a lot of action. Some snippets of conversation between the horses are hilarious and the tricks they’ve got up their sleeves are just amazing. The athletic horses behave like any other school kids and you can’t help loving them!  In fact, I was so impressed with these horses that I’m waiting to read the next book in the series! This book is not just for kids but also for adults who love animals and still have the childlike fetish for superhero stories! It is definitely more fun than any human-ish superhero story, I feel. I read this out to the kids I teach and they totally loved it. Go grab a copy of this book, it is delightfully awesome!" -- Saradia Chatterjee, http://www.pagehungrybookworm.com/, about Introducing Super Sporty (5 starred review)

"There is no shortage of action or adventure in this book! The illustrations in this book are colorful and cute and are sure to delight younger readers ... Overall, this is a great read for young readers who like action, adventure, and horses!" -- Parakeet Reviews, http://www.parakeetreviews.com/, about Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces

"Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces by Ellie Firestone is a fun and imaginative story. Ellie's book has an excellent balance of humor and suspense, along with just enough descriptive details to keep a younger audience engaged. While Super Sporty 3 is a chapter book, the illustrations that Ellie created for the book are colorful, eye-catching, and relevant to the subject matters presented in the book ... If I could travel back in time to when my nieces and nephew were younger, I would definitely take Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces with me to read with them. If the Super Sporty series isn't in your child's bookshelf, it should be!" -- Charity Rowell-Stansbury, http://www.onmykindle.net/, about Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces (5 starred review)

"The superhero horses are extremely lovable. In this story they mainly fight robots designed by the aliens to bring about destruction. The plot is exciting and the illustrations add some more fun. Kids are definitely going to enjoy this book. I bet adults will like it too [...] this series is a refreshingly new take on the superhero genre. It's far more interesting, gripping and captivating! If there is ever a battle among Superheroes, I'd root for Super Sporty! How can anyone not admire a basketball champion horse with powers that can help her fly, annihilate evil creatures and travel back in time? This book, actually the series itself, also teaches some lessons such as the importance of teamwork. This series should be a bestseller! Next time you're looking to buy a book for children, grab this one!" -- Saradia Chatterjee, http://www.pagehungrybookworm.com/, about Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces (5 starred review)

"This is a super fun, very original, detective fiction/super hero story that kids will adore. I would say the reading level is third to fifth grade but it would make a fun story time or bedtime read for younger kid. They will enjoy the colorful illustrations." -- This Bookworm, https://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/, about Super Sporty Short Stories: Signed, Anonymous (5 starred review)

"Despite the fact that these stories are meant for a much younger audience, I am rather fond of Sporty and Harley. They are both absolutely adorable, and I always wonder what madness and mayhem the duo need to save the world from in their next adventure. If your child likes horses, adventure, superheroes, and plenty of girl power; you really will not be disappointed with Super Sporty 4: The Curse of the Delba!" -- Charity Rowell-Stansbury, http://www.onmykindle.net/, about Super Sporty 4: The Curse of the Delba (5 starred review)

"For those readers who have kept up with the Super Sporty series, you will find that Miss Firestone continues to develop Sporty's and Harley's characters in this wonderful fifth installment of the series. If you are new to the Super Sporty series, you will discover that it is filled with imaginative characters, delightful descriptions, plenty of action, and a veritable roller coaster of plot twists and turns. Filled with witty dialogue and plot points that are punctuated by clever illustrations, Super Sporty 5: The Secret of the Chargust Charm is the perfect book for kids who enjoy horses, superheroes, and plenty of action." -- Charity Rowell-Stansbury, http://www.onmykindle.net/, about Super Sporty 5: The Secret of the Chargust Charm (5 starred review)

"Super Sporty 6: The Day of the Doom Phantom has action and suspense to keep children engaged and asking you to read "just one more page" while imparting lessons in vocabulary, respect, and teamwork." -- Charity Rowell-Stansbury, http://www.onmykindle.net/, about Super Sporty 6: The Day of the Doom Phantom (5 starred review)

"Ms. Firestone knows how to connect with young readers through her fun characters. The story is a good one and makes you curious about what will happen to the characters. The mystery is fun and keeps you hooked. There are cool illustrations (on my Kindle, they were in color) throughout the book of the characters as they saved the day." -- Erik, https://thiskidreviewsbooks.com/, about Super Sporty 7: The Fight Before Christmas (4 starred review)

"Book 8 in the Super Sporty Series is high octane kid fun ... It does work and very well. Super Sporty is a fun book for upper elementary school kids." -- This Bookworm, https://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/, about Super Sporty 8: The Attack of the Pegasi (5 starred review)

"The author’s choice of vocabulary was terrific. This has to be the coolest passage in any kid’s book ever. “They were yellow, fiery yellow, yellow like the sun was yellow on that bright, sunny day. However, it was not a warm, comforting yellow, like a candle flame might be; the winged horse’s eyes were harsh and forbidding, like a toxic chemical.” ... Over all this is a great book. I would recommend this to kids 4th grade and up to read, but I would read it to my kindergarten group and they would love it." Lian, https://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/, about Super Sporty 8: The Attack of the Pegasi (5 starred review)

"This is a really fun book to read with kids and letting them choose which way to go. As a kid I always loved these books and read them often, It brought back lots of memories. This book is a very quick read but I think kids will have fun going through the story a few times to get to see the different ends. I highly recommend and it’s a perfect read during October something to get you in the spooky mood. 🙂" -- Michelle, http://www.becausereading.com/, about The Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor (4 starred review)

"The adventures in this book are simple and cover only a few pages each so a determined reader could conceivably enjoy many of the fast paced adventures in a single setting. Personally, I would prefer them to be a little more complex as these types of books are a great way to teach children critical thinking skills, but the adventures are all quite entertaining. I would recommend this book for elementary kids ages 8 and up. Younger children will probably enjoy being partnered with a stronger reader as part of choice making team. It could also be fun for older kids to work together in a group to decide the path the group should take." -- This Bookworm, https://ireadwhatyouwrite.wordpress.com/, about The Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor (4 starred review)

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