The Horsecitty Shorthorns

The Horsecitty Shorthorns

Horsecitty's number one basketball team is full of colorful characters. Not only do they have two superheroes on the roster; they also have this lot.


Trixie Snyob is the team's Mean Girl. She's super jealous of Sporty and Harley, and will do anything to make their life a misery. To make matters worse, she has a whole gang of adoring lackeys who are at her beck and call.

Trixie loves anything to do with fashion, make-up and beauty, and even though horses don't need to wear clothes, she always makes sure to dress up in the latest styles. She is also gullible, and sometimes gets involved in evil alien plots.


Trinity Harlequinn is the best player on the Shorthorns team, and before the rise of the Delba, she was the team's captain. She gets kidnapped as part of Blarg and Splatt's evil plot to rule the universe. Sporty and Harley save her, and as a result, she becomes one of their best friends. She adopts Drakk the space dog after his reformation.

Despite her team spirit and friendly attitude, Trinity has a sinister secret which could spell disaster for the entire Earth ....


Paisley Parsley is insecure, paranoid, and a bit shallow. He is always convinced that someone is trying to kill him, so much so that his duvets are made of Kevlar in order to stop bullets. Even though he'd never admit it, Paisley is devoted to Trixie. He is also best friends with Jay, despite the fact that Jay drives him up the wall.


As everyone on the Shorthorns team knows, when you hear that deep, baritone "Yeah", it means that Jay Basher is around. In fact, "Yeah" is all he ever says. But what Jay lacks in brains, he makes up for in build; he's like a brick wall in front of an opponent's basket.


Basil Plega is the team's resident troublemaker. Together with his best buddy Finn, he causes all sorts of havoc, mostly in the form of practical jokes. Basil is also the unwitting keeper of the Chargust Charm.


Romney Nera is technically a member of Trixie's stuck-up gang. However, he is by far the nicest of Trixie's cronies, and he even helps out the superheroes every now and then.


Fallon Drake is sensitive, shy, and artsy. When she isn't playing basketball, she can usually be found painting or listening to country music. When her apartment gets ransacked by a mysterious perpetrator, her observation skills help Sporty and Harley to find the vandal.


Christie Cross is another member of Trixie's gang. When Trixie isn't around she's actually quite friendly, but when they're together ... watch out!

Christie was one of the Doom Phantom's victims, and Sporty and Harley rescued her from captivity in the Fourth Dimension.


Rama Entwhistle is friends with everyone. She mostly hangs out with Fallon, whose love of art matches her own. 


Finley O'Sullivan is Basil's best friend. With his big Clydesdale hooves and stocky build, he makes a great defense. 


Dan becomes the team captain after Trinity. He's fast, agile, and smart, making him a great team leader.


Where would the team be without a coach? Hank Adams is the bees' knees when it comes to motivating the team to do well. He makes sure to push all of his athletes to their full potential, and if they slack off, then it's extra push-ups for them!

The coach came in and said, "Now, it's just about time for the game to start. I just wanted to say that I know it's been a hectic week for us all, but now we got to focus. Remember our Shorthorns' motto ...."
Together, the team chorused, "There's no 'I' in the word 'team'."
"That's right -- there is no letter 'I' in the word 'team'. That's what it's all about: teamwork! Now, let's get out there and win the game!"
-- Super Sporty 1: Horses Might Fly 

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