The Delba and Nixus

The Delba and Nixus

The Delba

The Delba is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, secured with a rather fetching Lycra supersuit. She is a Nikostrowpa from the planet Qwadoo in the Fourth Dimension, and, as if that wasn't confusing enough, her real name is Engdyt Frthamit.

The Delba is, quite frankly, a genius. She has invented several devious machines, and many of the weapons in her arsenal are of her own design. Her creations include two volcano lairs, the Z.E.U.S. (Zapped Entry into Universes in Sync), and a gurgly machine for sucking water out of underground rivers.

No description of the Delba would be complete without mentioning her dirty mouth. The Delba is the Universe's best cusser, though fortunately she only curses in Nikostrowpian. As a result, only those with the power to translate alien languages (i.e. Harley) can understand her. Some choice Nikostrowpian swear words include "glumpfounrdsg", "chisondueg", and "wodhdoughd".


Nixus Strfatt is a purple dragon-creature from the planet Ruthera. He technically works for the Delba, but really he'll work for whoever pays him best (or whoever intimidates him the most). He doesn't accept money, however; he values paper. Because he eats it.

Nixus can breathe fire, and his breath is so hot that it can melt glass. He is also a skilled thief. His greatest achievement is when he stole the Chargust Charm right out from under the noses of the superheroes.

“Where are you, Delba?” cried Sporty. “Show yourself!”
There was another chuckle, and Sporty’s worst enemy stepped out of the shadows and crossed to the edge of the lava pit, looking up at her with an evil grin [...]
“That’s THE Delba,” said the Delba. “It’s my title, not my name. Nice supersuits, by the way.”
-- Super Sporty 5: The Secret of the Chargust Charm 

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