Sporty and Harley

Sporty and Harley

Sporty Horstall and Harley Marlin have been inseparable buddies since the age of four. Now, at sixteen, they are a force to be reckoned with when fighting evil.

Both Sporty and Harley can fly, shoot lasers from their hooves, make force fields, and see in X-ray and infrared vision. They don't, however, have super strength; their muscle comes from many diligent hours of basketball training, rather than a gift of nature.

When they're not fighting evil, Sporty and Harley like to eat pizza, play basketball, and watch movies (westerns and action movies are their favorites).


Sporty is introverted and sensible, with a strong sense of right and wrong. She's always willing to show mercy, even to bad guys; in fact, she has used her powers to save villains more than once. In addition to the powers she shares with Harley, Sporty can also sense keypad combinations -- a useful skill for breaking into top-secret lairs!

Sporty has two sisters; Miranda, who's two years older, and Lily, who's four years younger. None of her immediate family has superpowers, although her grandfather, Grandpa Pretend, claims to have psychic abilities. Nobody is quite sure whether he's joking or not.

In basketball, Sporty plays the off-guard position. Despite being officially right-hoofed, she is just as good with her left.


If Sporty is the brains of the team, then Harley is the brawn. Like Sporty, she has a strong sense of right and wrong, but unlike Sporty she thinks that villains don't deserve second chances. In addition to the powers she shares with Sporty, Harley can interpret alien languages.

Harley enjoys eating, and although pizza is her favorite, she also likes spinach sandwiches, tomatoes, and a suspicious-looking pastry of her own design which she refers to as a "Harley hay-bun".  She has two pets; a gray cockateil named Troy, and a space dog which she acquired on one of her superhero adventures.

In basketball, Harley plays the power-forward position. Thanks to her strength and aggression, she is a formidable opponent.

The door slid open to reveal Harley.
Harley had been Sporty’s best friend since first grade, and they’d been really excited when they both got picked to join the professional basketball team, the Texas Shorthorns, just after they finished horse school.
They were also both superheroes.
“Hi, Sporty!” Harley said. “I was just coming to pick you up!”
Sporty grinned. “I was just coming to pick you up,” she said.
“Cool,” Harley said. “Let’s get going to the canteen for breakfast. We'll want to get a good seat."
-- Super Sporty 1: Horses Might Fly 

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