The Dreamon

Pitch Wars finalist

Status: Completed; unpublished

Category/Genre: MG contemporary fantasy

Short pitch: Trapped in a nightmare by a soul-scarfing demon, thirteen-year-old Lucy Nightingale must team up with the Reachers -- a group of dream-hopping commandos -- to escape within seven days. If they fail, Lucy's soul becomes the demon's lunch.

Novel aesthetic:


Status: Revising with beta reader notes; unpublished.

Category/Genre: YA Science Fiction

Short pitch: When sixteen-year-old Myra Thorne gets a life-saving brain transplant, she starts having flashes of memories that aren't hers. Turns out, her new brain used to belong to a teenage super spy, and now it's up to Myra to complete the mission that killed her.

Novel aesthetic:

Waves of Time (working title)

Status: First drafting.

Category/Genre: YA Contemporary with a speculative twist

Pitch (provisional): Three years ago, Arden Hayes' brother, Tristan, drowned in a river while she stood by, powerless to save him. After his death, she became a lifeguard so that she could save other people's loved ones from suffering the same fate, and ended up saving no less than seven children from drowning.

One day, she is given the opportunity to travel back in time and save her brother, which she does. But upon returning to the present, she finds that she is no longer a lifeguard (she had no reason to become one, since her brother survived) -- and four of the children she had previously saved ended up drowning instead. When she is given one more opportunity to go back to that fateful day and make it the way it was before, she must make a choice -- refuse and doom four children their deaths, or accept and let her own brother drown.

Novel aesthetic:

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