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Arden Hayes' Guide to Saving Lives

Status: Revising with beta feedback

Category/Genre: YA contemporary with a speculative twist

Short pitch: After seventeen-year-old lifeguard Arden Hayes goes back in time to save her brother frown drowning, she returns to a very different present than the one she left. Now, she must decide how much -- and how many people -- she's willing to sacrifice to keep her brother alive.

Novel aesthetic:


Status: Completed; unpublished

Category/Genre: YA science fiction

Short pitch: After a life-saving brain transplant, sixteen-year-old Myra Thorne starts having flashes of memories that aren't hers. Turns out, her new brain belonged to a teen super spy, and now it's up to Myra to complete the mission that killed her.

Novel aesthetic:

The Dreamon

Pitch Wars finalist 2017

Status: Completed; unpublished

Category/Genre: MG contemporary fantasy

Short pitch: When a demon invades thirteen-year-old Lucy Nightingale's dreams, she must team up with the Reachers -- a group of dream-hopping commandos -- to defeat it within seven nights. If they fail, Lucy's soul becomes the demon's lunch.

Novel aesthetic:

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