On this page, you will find loads of great free Super Sporty-themed activities, including collector cards, puzzles and more! Click on their links to see the PDF files, and print them off. It's as simple as that!

Collector Cards

The collector cards for Super Sporty: Horses Might Fly

Each Super Sporty book grants the reader access to four exclusive collector cards featuring characters from the book (28 cards in total so far)! Once you've collected enough, you can play some great games with them. Here are some ideas:

Snap (Print out two sets of each card)

Go Fish (Print out four sets of each card)

Trumps (One set of each card; use age and number of letters in name as stats)

There are also four more exclusive collector cards to print off right here! Click Here to be taken to their PDF file. Print them off (preferably onto card), laminate them if you wish, and have fun!

Other Games

Activity Sheets

Have fun!

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