Blarg, Splatt and Drakk

Blarg, Splatt and Drakk

This trio of villains are mad, bad and dangerous. With their combination of slime, spikes, and stupidly crazy ideas, they pose a serious threat to the Earth ... and the universe.

Blarg and Splatt

Blarg Fgrlatt and Splatt Hgrin are, quite simply, thugs. Hailing from the planet Flupia, their ambition is to take over the Earth, or the Universe, or whatever comes their way.

Their first plan was to steal the Key to the Universe from the planet Zzangoing. To help them achieve this, they came up with an elaborate plan involving disguises, kidnapping, and a grotty cave in the middle of nowhere. Happily, their plot was foiled by Sporty and Harley, who made sure that they were brought to justice.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of Blarg and Splatt's misdemeanours. After building an army of deadly robots and developing a power-draining serum, the two villains went back in time to take away the powers of the young Sporty. After being foiled again by the superheroes, they were put into community service back on Flupia, never to be heard from again.


Drakk Holstat is Blarg and Splatt's pet Grutupian space dog. He's not really evil -- he was just put under a hypnotic spell by his masters to make him that way -- but that doesn't make him any less dangerous. Not only does he have sharp teeth and razor claws, but he's also incredibly smart.

After Blarg and Splatt's first plan went awry, Drakk was taken to space prison along with them. However, he escaped, and made his way to Earth, where he set about planning his own scheme. First of all, he cloned himself hundreds of times using a stolen cloning machine, and then he duped Trixie into helping him kidnap the superheroes. Sporty and Harley defeated him again, and Drakk returned to space prison.

However, Drakk's story still wasn't over. He broke out of space prison again, this time with his masters, and helped them to set up their robot army. But when he was sent to immobilize the superheroes, Icky and Troy attacked him, inadvertently breaking him out of his hypnotic trance. He was then adopted by Trinity.
Sporty gulped. “You really are evil,” she said.
“Why, thank you.” Blarg smiled. “Now, witness the power of Blarg!”
A distant voice from the screen said, “And Splatt!”
“Shut up!” Blarg said, looking over his shoulder.
-- Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces 

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