2019 Round-Up and 2020 Goals

Welcome to a whole new decade!

Every year, I make a blog post detailing my goals for the coming twelve months, plus a look back at whether I achieved the previous year's goals or not. It's basically a way of guilt-tripping myself into doing the stuff I need to do :P

So here's what I got.

At the start of 2019, I said that I wanted to ...

  • Polish up Neuropath (check!)
  • Query Neuropath (check! It's shelved now, but I tried)
  • Keep on writing even as I enter college this year (check! I even started a writing club on campus)
  • Be better about updating this blog (check -- I consistently wrote two posts a month)
  • Read EVEN MORE great books! (check!!!)

In addition to the things mentioned above, in 2019 I ...

I also started working on a new fantasy project, but I'm going to consider that more of a 2020 thing, since I hadn't written very much at the start of this year.

My most popular post of the year was ...

"Notes From an Underwriter." I think it was the Good Place GIFs that did it.

And finally, my goals for 2020 are ...

  • Finish and polish my new fantasy project
  • Keep posting on my blog twice a month
  • Read great books, always!

Here's to the new Roaring '20s!

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