Unexpected Super Sporty Fan Art

While doing some cleaning the other day, I came across a piece of paper decorated with a comic strip featuring suspiciously Super Sporty-like characters on it. When I asked my sister, she said that our little cousin had drawn it. And, yes, it was supposed to be about Super Sporty.

I didn't even know that my cousin read my books. Plus, her art is gorgeous. Therefore, I must share her comic strip with you:

Just in case it's not immediately obvious, the strip features a young horse watching Super Sporty fighting the Delba on TV (with a volcano island setting, which makes me think it's supposed to be Super Sporty 5). Then, the horse's mom pulls the plug out of the TV, and the screen goes blank.

Honestly, this made me so happy. It's really interesting to see how someone else interprets my characters. I especially love that second panel, with Sporty and the Delba facing off like they're in a western.

Do you ever draw fan art or write fanfiction? Share your experiences in the comments!

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