The Best #HorribleWriteTip Tweets

Ever since fantasy author Nat Russo started the #horriblewritetip hashtag, Twitter for writers has never been the same.

#Horriblewritetip is pretty much self-explanatory -- you post a horrible writing tip. The posts range from witty to downright hilarious, so I'm going to share some of my personal favorites in this post (though you can view the entire #horriblewritetip feed by clicking here).

First, ten simple #horriblewritetips.

And now, some of my own #horriblewritetip tweets (which I obviously think are brilliant, but I'm extremely biased, so ...):

And here's a collaborative one: 

And finally, the #horriblewritetip to end all #horriblewritetips:

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.@EllieFirestone1 rounds up some of the best #horriblewritetip tweets.  [Click to Tweet]

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