Word Counts, Wins, and Other Writerly Stuff

It's occurred to me that, as much as I write on this blog, I haven't posted anything about my own writing in a very, very long time. So I'm going to remedy that with today's post.

Super Sporty 9: The Wrath of Titanicus is almost done. After an initial period of procrastination, I wrote a large chunk of the book in the space of three days. It's shaping up to be the longest Super Sporty book ever. I expect it to be completely polished and edited later this summer, and I already have the concept for the cover design. I'm planning something big for the launch, so watch this space...

I've also been working a lot on The Dreamon, implementing the beta feedback I got. And here's the exciting thing: even though I was worrying about it being too short for a novel (click here to get my full agonizings about this), it ended up at 51,000 words, which is just long enough to be a bona fide novel! It might get even longer than that, but I'll have to wait for the second round of beta readers (I call them gamma readers) to get back to me before I do any more editing.

Woohoo! Partayy!

Lesson learned: the advice about word counts is right. Your book will end up being as long as it needs to be -- no longer, no shorter. If you feel that your book is too short, it's probably because you still need to work on it, not because it's actually a novella.

So that's what I'm up to now. If you have any writing projects that you'd like to talk about, please share them in the comments!

Writer warrior!

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