The Christmas Card Thing

Figuring out the whole Christmas card thing is something that we all struggle with. Who to give cards to, what type of card to give them, and what to say in the card.

And since it's only one week until Christmas (YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!), you'd be forgiven for needing some help ... fast.

Fortunately, there's a simple little flowchart that can give you some great tips on giving Christmas cards. Here ya go!
  Holiday Card Flow Chart Infographic1

Flowchart by Grammarly.


I hate to be all sales-y, but if you're still stuck for a Christmas present to give to someone this year, you might like to consider my book Super Sporty 7: The Fight Before Christmas. It's the seventh book in the Super Sporty series (though it can be read by itself since there's not much continuity), and the paperback version is only $6.99 (£4.55) at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble! Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, you'll get it delivered tomorrow.

You can also get it on Kindle for $3.46 (including VAT), but unfortunately it's kinda hard to wrap an ebook.

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