Young Illustrators Wanted!

This blog post is going to be a little different. Today, instead of my normal musings about reading and writing, I'm going to talk about something I found out about recently. It involves Amazon Kindle, drawing, and a very special opportunity for those of you who are under 18.

I'll start from the beginning (it's a little complicated, so bear with me). There is a book, called "A Taste of Chaucer", which contains selections from the Canterbury Tales, edited and arranged by Anne Malcolmson. This book is THE book for middle-school students (11 years plus) to learn about the Canterbury Tales, because it does not include the more vulgar tales, is written in modern English, and has helpful introductions written by Malcolmson. Unfortunately, the book went out of print recently, and getting your hands on a copy is becoming increasingly hard.

However, that's about to change.  Kat Patrick, an online tutor, got fed up that she wasn't able to get enough copies for her Middle Ages Literature class. She was so fed up, in fact, that she tracked down the copyright holders, and got permission to reproduce "A Taste of Chaucer" ... as a Kindle book!

There is still one problem, though. The copyright holder for the illustrations could not be found. Because of this, school-aged children (the intended audience for "A Taste of Chaucer") are being given a unique opportunity to illustrate the book themselves!

So, if you're under 18, and you like to draw, head on over to the "A Taste of Chaucer" website and see what they're looking for. You could end up with your illustration in a book which will help thousands of children to access Chaucer in a way they never could before! (and did I mention you get a free copy of the new book if your illustration gets in?)

Visit the website here:  Make sure your drawing meets all the terms and conditions before you submit it.

The website for "A Taste of Chaucer"

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