When Stories Write Themselves

I sit at my desk, staring at the blinking cursor. Ten minutes before, the words had been coming fast and furious, but now there is nothing.

I stare at the last sentence I wrote. "The winged horse's eyes were a harsh yellow, like a toxic chemical."

I change the word 'chemical' to 'waste'. Then I change it back again.

What happens next?? my mind screams. What? What?

Well ... I take a deep breath in. I suppose the heroes could go and take a closer look at the pegasus ....

The words come, but reluctantly. Slowly.

I'm getting bored, I think. That's not good. When I get bored, the reader gets bored, too. And I'm doing this for the reader.

Something must be done.

And then the pegasus attacks.

It happens so fast that I barely have time to breathe before the words are flying from my fingertips faster than ever before. The winged horse swoops down ... the hero rushes to the rescue ... she blocks the path of the pegasus....

And then the pegasus slams her into the ground and flies away.

I sit back in my chair and ponder the words I have just written. That wasn't in the plan, I think. The pegasus wasn't even supposed to attack until at least Chapter Four. What just happened?

I then realize that I have been duped. I didn't write all those words just now; the story and the characters did. They overruled me.

So what do I do now? I flex my fingers. Hmmm ... I guess it's up to me to decide if my hero is hurt or not ... Ahah ....

I resume my typing.


This really did happen to me. During a bad case of writers' block, the story took over and wrote about a page by itself. This is every writer's dream -- not only is it easier for them, but whatever the story writes is guaranteed to be good. It's also an encouraging sign that the plot and characters are strong enough to hold their own.

Have you had an experience like this in your own writing? Share it in the comments section!

Ellie out!

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