The Confusion is Over!

Stand by for a confusing explanation of why exactly the confusion is over. Just thought I'd warn you....

The first book I ever published, Introducing Super Sporty, was, in fact, two books in one. It contained Super Sporty 1: Horses Might Fly, and Super Sporty 2: Two Horses, One Mission. The reason for this was because, at the time, I thought the individual stories were too short to publish on their own.

Fast-forward a few years. There are now seven books in the Super Sporty series. However, until recently, there were only six volumes. That was because Super Sportys 1 and 2 were together in the same book, so technically that counted as one volume.

Of course, that made things pretty confusing. You would look at Super Sporty 3: The Mechanical Menaces, for example, and be told that it was Super Sporty Book 2. Because, technically, it was Book 2.

All this confusion is why I decided to publish Super Sporty 1 and Super Sporty 2 as separate books. Long story short, they are now out on Kindle as individual books! Here are the Super Sporty 1 links, for US and for UK, and the Super Sporty 2 links, for US and for UK.

Before I end this post, I have another SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Plans are being made to release the book (which I wrote with my sister Frances) Super Emmy: Introducing Splodge ... in SPANISH. A lovely lady named Monica agreed to translate it for me, and I hope to have Súper Emmy: Presentando a Splodge on the Kindle Store within the next few months.

Ellie Out!

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