Remastered Covers and a Special Announcement


As I announced in my previous post, all my book covers are being remastered. Thus far, they have all been finished except for the Introducing Super Sporty cover (which is being delayed due to some extensive styling changes taking place), and the Super Sporty Short Stories: Signed, Anonymous cover. As a result, this post is really more of a picture gallery than an actual post. Below, you will see all the original covers, versus their new upgraded counterparts. Was it worth it, do you think?

All right -- now comes the special announcement which I mentioned in the title of this post.

As you may be aware, the Super Sporty series is comprised of seven books, but only six volumes. This is because Super Sporty 1: Horses Might Fly and Super Sporty 2: Two Horses, One Mission, are not available as separate books; instead, they are sold together in one volume (Introducing Super Sporty). For several months, this has been bothering me. I thought it was quite strange not to have each one as a separate book (albeit a rather short separate book), and, of course, it overcomplicates things tremendously on Amazon (For example, Super Sporty 7 is displayed as Super Sporty 7: The Fight Before Christmas. Super Sporty Series Book 6. See what I mean?).

You can probably see by now where I'm going with this. And yes; you're absolutely right. Within the next week, I hope to release Super Sporty 1 and Super Sporty 2 as separate books. More updates to come; stay tuned!

Ellie Out!

Coming Soon!

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