New Short Story

After my amazingly busy and productive year in 2014 (which produced three new books -- Super Sportys 5, 6 and 7), I've been able to sit back and relax a bit, and put things in perspective. Essentially, I have made a decision about what to write next. You may remember that, way back in 2012, I published a Super Sporty short story entitled, Signed, Anonymous. Since there is now a bit of a lull in my writing schedule (i.e. I don't have to rush to get a certain book out by Christmas), I have decided to write another of these short stories, to fill in the gap between Super Sporty 7 and Super Sporty 8 (SS7 was set at Christmas; SS8 is to be set in early summer). I have already started writing it, though it's too early to tell when it might be published. It's also too early to give it a title, so until I can think of one, I will just refer to it as 'Short Story 2'.

Ellie out!

'Signed, Anonymous', published in 2012

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