Villainous Developments


The other day, I was writing Super Sporty 7, and I was on page 35, and I realized that I didn't really have a villain. By that I mean that I knew there was going to be a villain, but I didn't really know much about him. I didn't even know his name! So I shut down the computer, got out a notebook and a pencil, and, with the help of an excellent book (The Weekend Novelist by Robert J. Ray), I drew up a character sketch:

Name: Tombulus Mako

Age: 28 (Skerndroth years)

Gender: Male

Planet of Origin: Skerndroth

Evil Specialty: Mind control

Physical traits: Tall, thin, yellow humanoid alien with blue stripes on face. Constantly wears a ridiculous-looking helmet with various pieces of gadgetry on it which obscures half of his face. Also wears a dinner jacket.

Motivation: An obsessive desire to be more evil than his little brother, Tymon.

A hurried preliminary drawing of Tombulus Mako

Obviously, this isn't my complete character sketch, but the basics are there. Some things will probably change as well, because, once they're on paper, a character tends to write themselves. However, I have my villain, which is what counts!

Ellie out!

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