The Delba's Lava Lair


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while; there's really been nothing to report. I'm slogging away at Super Sportys 5 and 6, trying to figure out what's going to happen now that the heroes have exhausted all their options right down to making use of pompous Problem Crunchers for the first time in ages ... but I didn't log on today to take out my frustration on the blogosphere. I logged on because FINALLY something has happened. I made a(nother) Scratch game! It's called The Delba's Lava Lair, as you've probably guessed from the post title and ... well, you'll have to click the link to the game to find out the story and controls and stuff, won't you? Suspense...

Ellie out!

PS. You may need Adobe Flash Player to make this game work.

The Delba's Lava Lair (Level 2)

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