The Power of 5

9:55, 27 August 2013. I'm sitting in front of the computer, gazing lovingly at the complete first draft of Super Sporty 5, a 55-page book in which there are 5 good guys (Sporty, Harley, Troy, Icky, Drakk) 5 members of the Trixie Gang (Trixie, Paisley, Romney, Jay, Christie) and 5 other athletes I haven't mentioned yet (Rama, Fallon, Basil, Finn, Dan). It would be just great if there were 5 bad guys as well, but there aren't unless you count the Machine and the Unwilling Test Subject (a peacock that escaped from the Horsecitty Zoo), and that's stretching it a bit far. Baddies, eh? You can't make them do anything right. I just think it's a bit funny how the 5s keep showing up. With a bit of luck, it'll take 5 days to edit it and 5 days to format it (Dream on, Ellie!), and you can see for yourself what I'm talking about!

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