Who Could the Delba Be?

If you look to the side of your screen, you should see a box containing four mysterious buttons (Trixie, Icky, Trinity and Harley) and an equally mysterious message asking, "Who do you reckon is secretly the Delba?". Of course, you aren't expected to work out these cryptic messages yourself. I will explain.

The Delba is an evil supervillain from the fourth dimension, who would like nothing better than to have the earth in her clutches. Right now, she is disguised as a resident of the Horsecitty Basketball Complex. Your mission: to guess which of the four characters is the Delba. Click on the name you would like to select, and then click 'Vote'. The poll closes at midnight on the 1st of August, and when the next Super Sporty book comes out (In which all will be revealed), I will post and tell you who is the villain! (I won't elaborate, however; you'll have to read the book to get the rest of the story!)

Below are some character files to aid you in your endeavours. Don't let the surface facts fool you, though!

NAME: Trixie Snyob

STATUS: Annoying Snob

AGE: 17

FACT FILE: Trixie is the Sporty and Harley's rival. She is gullible, and is sometimes involved in evil plots.

NAME: Icky Horstall

STATUS: Turbo Iguana

AGE: 13

FACT FILE: Icky is Sporty’s pet. He often comes in handy, as he likes nothing better than to smash up evil robots!

NAME: Trinity Quinn

STATUS: Basketball Athlete

AGE: 17

FACT FILE: Trinity is the captain of the Horscitty basketball team. She is best friends with Sporty and Harley.

NAME: Harley Marlin

STATUS: Superhero

AGE: 16

FACT FILE: Harley plays basketball alongside Sporty. She is Sporty’s BFF, and they are inseparable teammates.

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