Apologies and SportyDoku!


First, the apology.... I apologise if you tried to open any of my collector cards or activity sheets and got a message that basically said: DON'T STICK YOUR NOSE WHERE YOU'RE NOT WANTED!!!!! It was all my fault; I copied the private link from Dropbox instead of the public one. I've fixed all the links, so you can look at my collector cards or activity sheets any time!

Now for SportyDoku! I spent most of this morning creating my own version of SuDoku. The aim for SportyDoku is to arrange the letters S, P, O, R, T and Y in a grid so that each row, column and 3x2 rectangle contains each letter once. There is actually more than one solution, but there is guesswork required for all of them.

For the free downloadable PDF file of SportyDoku, click here.

For the rest of my posts about activity sheets, click here.

Ellie out!

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