I'm sooooo sorry that Super Sporty 3 wasn't published when I said that it would be. Let's just say that there were problems with the old Amazon account and leave it at that (Some, er, password-related problems). But that's all fixed, now, and I'm PUUUUUBBBBBLLLLIIIIISSSSHHHHEEEDDD (I'm published)!!!!!!!!:-D

I would put the link for it on here, but Kindle takes 24 hours to publish a book, so it's being rendered at the moment. But when it is ready, I'll post the link ASAP.

One thing I can put the link on for, though, is the link for the Super Sporty 3 collector cards, to download and print out for free. Click here for my list of posts about them, which will tell you some games to play with them, as well as showing a link to the collector cards for Super Sporty 1 and 2.

Oh, and click here for the Super Sporty 3 collector cards.

Ellie out!

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