I'm back!


I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry I haven't been posting recently. I've been on a 'Holiday of Epic Proportions' (i.e. Scotland and the Orkneys and the Lake District and York and Stirling etc etc) and I haven't been able to get anywhere near a computer for the past 3 weeks. But I'm back in my usual perch, thank goodness.

For some reason, Super Sporty 3 isn't up on Amazon, yet. I think that may have been a mistake I made by not pressing the 'publish' button. The trouble is, the button doesn't say 'publish', it'll say something like 'Upload MOBI onto Kindle Interface' or some rubbish like that, making you feel like a complete technophobe. But I'll post the link here the moment it's on Amazon, which should be Monday the 27th. Probably.

I've also put a new game on Scratch. You play as Icky, Super Sporty's pet iguana, to clean up some alien spores before they dominate the world. Click here to play it.

For a list of my posts about Scratch, Click here. The one with the info about Scratch and what it does is at the bottom.

Ellie out!

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