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As the emoticon in the title suggests, I wish editing the HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) for Super Sporty 3 didn't involve going through about two thousand lines of code and manually deleting every little bit of Kindle-seizing-up rubbish in the ENTIRE BOOK. But, sadly, it does (and after all that, it keeps calling me Font Face!). Luckily, I'm nearly halfway through. The reason for editing the HTML is that, when you use a text editor (I use OpenOffice), and shove that file straight onto a Kindle, you get all these problems with the paragraphing and punctuation (and the text-to-speech function becomes even more illegible), so you need to go through the HTML and fix all that. And then, you put that file (along with a few others) through KindleGen (A useful thing which formats books for Kindle), and there you have it--a nice, shiny, new, error-free Kindle book.

Don't panic if you didn't understand all that--not a lot of people do.

In other news, I've whipped up level two of the Super Sporty game 'Super Sporty's Breakout'. It's got the same challenges as the first level, but with added robot sentries! Click here to play it.

Ellie out!

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