Build a 'Bot


I've been working on a little Super Sporty project that is not only a Scratch game, but an activity worksheet as well!

It's called Build a 'Bot, and here's how it works. You choose a body, arms, legs, eyes, mouth and head from a selection, and stick them together to make a robot.

In the computer game, you are given two of each of the above listed body parts, selected at random, and you can choose any of them to make your robot. Restarting gives you an entirely different selection.

On the activity sheet, you cut and paste the parts onto a separate sheet of paper.

For the PDF file of the Build a 'Bot activity sheet, click here.

For the Scratch game, click here.

If you don't know about Scratch, click here to see the list of my posts about Scratch. All of them include links to some of my other Scratch games. The one with all the info about Scratch and what it does is down at the bottom.

If you have any more specific questions, just email me at

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