Happy World Book Day (Or Collector cards at Last!)

Hi! Hope you had a happy World Book Day. It's one of the best days of the year for me! And even more so now, because, if you remember the post about publishing Super Sporty, I was going to make some collector cards to print out and keep for free. And now, I've finally done it! They come in sets of 4, and there's one set per book. Since I have 2 Super Sporty books out (In the same volume, but still...), there are 2 lots of collector cards. I would advise printing them out on card, because if you do it on paper you can see what's on the cards through the paper, which is a big setback for playing games (more about that in a minute). I would also advise laminating them.

To download the collector cards for Super Sporty 1: Horses Might Fly, click here.

To download the collector cards for Super Sporty 2: Two Horses, One Mission, click here.

Now where was I... Ah, yes, games. There are 3 that I can think of. For Snap, print out each page twice. For Go Fish, print each out 4 times (Of course, you can still use 4 sets for Snap). And apparently the tudors used to play a game that will only need one copy of each page. the rules are as follows:

Each player chooses a card and shows it to everyone else, remembers it, and the cards are then shuffled back into the pack. Square the deck, then start turning cards over. Whoever's card turns up first wins!

Have fun with all that.
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