Nearly there!

I just now finished doing a complete editing run on Super Sporty 3. As soon as my editor can read it through, it will be ready!

Super Sporty 4 will need some work, though, so the volume won't actually come out until that book is finished as well.

The full comb-out that I gave Super Sporty 3 has changed to much since the original version. When I was 7 years old I started stapling sheets of paper together to make 'books', and I wrote the original stories in ballpoint pen. The original version of Super Sporty 3 could be an entirely different story. for one thing, in the latest version, pretty much the whole thing is staged in the past, when Sporty was born, so that Sporty can save her younger self from the evil Blarg and Splatt. in the original, Blarg and Splatt returned to the present to get the present Sporty after they failed to get Baby Sporty the first time. Why they would do that, I don't know (a grown-up superhero is much harder to take on than a baby one), but I was only eight-ish.

Ellie out!  

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