Bought your Kindle yet? UK consumers only

Choice are getting many, now. Which do you choose?

In the UK, you have basically two choices:


The top one is the Kindle with 3-G capability and a built-in keyboard, and the bottom one is the new stripped-back version without keyboard.

Biggest differential is price, I suppose. Currently, £89 versus £149. Is the 3G with the keyboard worth 50% more than the more basic Kindle?

In my opinion, what you lose by having to laboriously type things out on a pop-up keyboard into the more basic Kindle is probably not worth £60 or so more pounds if you just want a good e-ink device that reads books.

I like the smaller Kindle even though it holds fewer books and has a shorter battery life. It looks more hi-tech. It's smaller and lighter.

On the other hand, the bigger Kindle just looks more "right" with its keyboard, somehow. And if you want to make use of all the Kindle's best functions, like making notes and highlighting and searching for books and all that kind of stuff, then messing around with a pop-up keyboard and having to move the little cursor around over each letter -- well, that would just be a total pain!

I'm glad they're making these great devices more affordable, though. Let's get more of them into the hands of kids (much better than a pink Nintendo DS!!!!). That means more readers for the Super Sporty series, too!

What do you think about the new Kindle? Write a comment and let other readers know!


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