Super Sporty 3&4 update

Yikes! I set myself a deadline for finishing Super Sporty 3&4 by Christmas, but I still have much editing to do before I can get it formatted for Kindle, so it probably won't be available to buy until at least February. It is much better than it was, though, because in the original version, Sporty didn't really do any heroic things in Super Sporty 3; she did all that in Super Sporty 4. Now Super Sporty 3 is a much more interesting read.

And, keeping with the good news theme, I have thought up a name for the volume: Super Sporty Fights Back. I was considering Super Sporty's Revenge or something along those lines, but Sporty didn't get vanquished or anything in the first volume, so she wouldn't have any reason for revenge. And no sane person (or horse!) would go looking for revenge if there were no excuse for it.

Well, two good things out of three ain't bad, right?


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