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In addition to Super Sporty, I'm working on two other series, both trilogies. The first one is a trilogy that I haven't thought up a name for yet, but the three books in it are called: "Danger on the Set", "Kidnap on the Red Carpet" and "Murder at the Oscars". All three are about twin sisters, Cassie and Killer (their real names are Cassandra and Priscilla, but they get really touchy about people calling them that).  They are 11 years old. Their mom is a movie star, so they live in a mansion with a swimming pool and all the trimmings. They also have an annoying older sister called Louisa, who likes nothing better than to make them angry by calling them by their real names. However, Cassie and Killer always fight back by playing hilarious pranks on her.

The trilogy is about mystery adventures in the movie business -- all the lights, camera, and ... danger!

My other trilogy I haven't settled on a name for either, but the books are entitled, "My Teammate's a Weirdo", "My Teammate's a Techie" and "My Teammate's a Traitor". The first two titles may change, depending on whether or not I can find better names. Please email me if you can think up a synonym for 'Weirdo' beginning with 'T'.

Anyhoo, the trilogy is about a team of secret agents, Robyn (the mission specialist, aka Agent Delta), Imogen (the weapons expert, aka Agent Gamma), Zac (the technician, aka Agent Alpha) and Leo (aka Agent Beta, and a complete nutjob!). They meet each other in book one, and together they go on missions full of gadgets, spies and action!

Well, that's all for now.

Ellie out!

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